About us

It has been a long and exciting journey since our modest beginnings in the 1920s, taking agricultural produce from the village of Sephoris to neighbouring Nazareth. In this time, the Afifi family passed the torch from one generation to the next, preserving a tradition of commitment to excellence and high customer satisfaction.

The core businesses of the Afifi group are transportation, tourism, hospitality, real estate and IT related to these other areas. As the owners and managers of these businesses, we are strongly committed to a vision that meets the needs of all our stakeholders: customers, shareholders, employees, the government and our wider society.

We have demonstrated a high level of commitment and loyalty to our staff, cherishing them as our ultimate resource, always seeking to develop their skills in the company, and helping them to become active and positive members of society. We hope thereby to inspire in them a strong belief in the company’s business values.

Over the past five years we have witnessed a rapid growth in all aspects of our business, while ensuring we continue to improve the quality of our service. In 2007 we will begin operating the inter-city public transportation lines between Tel Aviv and Netanya; we will open two hotels, in Jerusalem and Haifa, and build a third one; we will lay the foundations of the biggest commercial and business center in Nazareth, “the largest Arab city in Israel”; and we will introduce integrated software, developed in-house by our R&D and IT departments, to provide our buses with onboard computers offering automatic vehicle location, electronic ticketing and a passenger count system.

As the third generation of CEO, I invite you to consider partnerships with us in business ventures travel, tourism real estate investments and I T developments related to public transportation, in which we have a wealth of experience and a proven track record and in which the opportunities are substantial.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Best regards,
Ahmad Afifi
Chief Executive Officer